Cooperation with BP Europa SE/Castrol

Signing the agreement (left to right): Christian Möcklinghoff (TCS), Frank Duwe (Castrol), Axel Fuisting (TCS), Joachim Görtz (Castrol) and Andreas Osbar (Castrol)


Tiefenbach and BP Europa SE/Castrol sign cooperation and marketing agreement for a real-time condition monitoring solution for metal working fluids

At an International Industrial Sales Briefing 2019 of Castrol which was recently held in Bochum a cooperation and marketing agreement was signed between BP Europa SE/Castrol and Tiefenbach Control Systems. The subject matter of the agreement is the joint development of a real-time condition monitoring solution for metal working fluids.

Tiefenbach specialises in control systems for use in the mining industry and with its RECOMATIC® product group has many years of experience in the field of condition monitoring solutions for mining applications. Castrol is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of premium lubricating oils, greases, metal working fluids, control fluids and related services to automotive, manufacturing, mining, marine, and oil exploration and production customers. Over the last two years in a joint process with Castrol The SMART CONTROL unit has been developed. It is capable of measuring different fluid parameters in real-time and
can be connected to a dosing system. The system thus offers an innovative solution for the fully automatic management of metal working fluids. In addition, an integration of the system into the IT infrastructure of the customers is possible.

The soft launch of the product took place on 15th March and was flanked by an extensive marketing campaign at Castrol.

For Tiefenbach, the signing of the agreement means a further step on the company’s way towards the goal of generating more than 25% of the group of companies’ sales outside of underground mining applications within the next 5 years. 

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